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Miso Soup
Tofu, mushrooms and seaweed in a soy broth

Boiled and salted soy beans
-can also choose option for "Spicy"

Eggplant Miso
tempura floured eggplant & shrimp, tossed in a sweet miso sauce

Gyoza Umami
pork dumplings topped with fresh cilantro, french fried onions and umami sauce

Ika Fries
fried strips of calamari tenderloin served with a spicy mayo for dipping

Oysters Agemono
fresh oysters fried golden brown in our house blended cajsian corn meal served with wasabi tartar sauce *subject to availability

Shishito & Shrimp
imported black tiger shrimp and fresh shishito peppers charred and tempura fried crispy with umami sauce for dipping


Mixed Green Salad (EAT FIT)
Baby greens & tomatoes with sesame soy dressing

Seaweed Salad
marinated with agar, chili pepper, and sesame dressing

Squid Salad
tossed with bamboo shoots, carrots, Japanese tree mushrooms, sesame seeds, and ginger chili dressing

Sunomono Salad
Japanese marinated cucumber, wakame and carrot salad

Snow Crab Salad
snow crab, avocado, crunchy, and tsurai sauce

Asian Chicken Salad
arugula, spinach, carrots, avocado, peanuts, fried ramen, enoki mushrooms, yuzu cilantro vinaigrette and citrus marinated chicken breasts

*Pimp Salad (EAT FIT)
seared tuna, snow crab, krab stick, cucumber, tomato, asparagus, avocado, masago, and sesame soy ponzu dressing

*Thai Beef Salad (EAT FIT)
thinly sliced seared beef with cherry tomato, cucumbers, cilantro, red onion, bean sprouts, carrots, and Vietnamese dressing

Sushi - Rolls
Brown rice optional

Add to tempura any roll.
Customers dining at the Sushi Bar are welcome to create a roll with the chef.


Big Easy - crawfish, snow crab, krab stick, crunchy shrimp, cucumber, scallion, soy wrapped, panko fried, topped w/ crunchies, cilantro, Tsunami, tsurai & sriracha sauces

Biggus - agemono oysters, snow crab, avocado, & Tsunami sauce

*Big Tuna - tuna, cream cheese, jalapeno, soy wrapped, panko fried, with ponzu & sriracha sauces

Black & Gold - crunchie shrimp, cucumber, kani, baked with spicy mayo, crawfish and scallions, Tsunami & tsurai sauces

California - kani, avocado, masago (EAT FIT)

Caterpillar - grilled eel, asparagus, cucumber, top w/ avocado & Tsunami sauce

Crunchy Roll - crunchy shrimp, avocado, rolled in crunchies with Tsunami sauce

Cucumber Wrap - shrimp, snow crab, kani, wrapped in cucumber with kani, avocado, masago, scallions, and kazan sauce

*Don Tuan - tuna, crunchy shrimp, cream cheese, cucumber, snow crab, avocado, graham cracker, Kazan, and Sriracha sauces

*Dragon Roll - snow crab, avocado, topped w/ tuna & shrimp garnish

*Dynamite Roll - spicy marinated diced tuna, white fish, fresh salmon, avocado (EAT FIT)

*Father Calais Roll - tuna, salmon, kani, masago, avocado & cucumber (EAT FIT)

*Grand Isle Roll - tuna, yellowtail, & scallion

Green Monster - toasted coconut, shrimp, snow crab, cream cheese, cucumber, kiwi, avocado, strawberry, coconut flakes & plum sauce

Hung Lo - shrimp, cream cheese, cucumber, jalapeno, top w/ seared tuna, snow crab, and crispy onions

Jazz Roll - boiled shrimp, snow crab, asparagus, in a soy wrap (EAT FIT)

John Breaux Roll - spicy Louisiana crawfish, avocado (EAT FIT)

*Kabuki Roll - no rice, minced spicy tuna, shrimp, kani, asparagus, cucumber, soy wrapped, masago, scallion, & Ponzu sauce (EAT FIT)

Lava Roll - crunchy shrimp, cucumber, topped w/ masago aioli, salmon, baked and topped w/ scallion, sesame seeds & Tsunami sauce

Michael Doumit Roll - fried soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, masago, & Tsunami sauce

Munchie Roll - salmon, cream cheese, avocado, crusted with Dorito's Nacho Cheese chips

*Negihama Roll - yellowtail, cucumber, masago, & scallions (EAT FIT)

Philadelphia Roll - smoked salmon, cream cheese, & avocado

Ragin Cajun Roll - panko alligator, avocado, masago, & Tsunami sauce

*Rainbow Roll - snow crab, avocado, topped w/ tuna, escolar, & salmon

Rock n Roll - shrimp, snow crab, masago, cucumber, avocado, soy wrapped & Tsunami sauce

*Roll Tide Roll - tuna, kani, & cucumber (EAT FIT)

Sea Bass Roll - panko fried seabass, cucumber, green onions, & tsurai sauce

Shrimp Tempura Roll - temp imported black tiger shrimp, masago, & Tsunami sauce

Snow Crab Roll - snow crab, avocado

*Spicy Roll - choice of tuna, salmon, or white fish & spicy sauce (EAT FIT)

*Tiger Tail Roll - snow crab, cucumber, jalapeno, topped w/ escolar, avocado, and sriracha sauce

Tofu - tofu mix, cucumber, carrot, avocado & sambal sesame soy, soy wrapped

*Trans Best Bite - no rice, minced spicy tuna, shrimp, kani, cream cheese, asparagus, soy wrapped and panko fried with plum, ponzu, and tsurai sauce

Japanese Veggie - pickled dikon, yamagobo, kanpyo

Vegetable Roll - cucumber, asparagus, carrot, & avocado (EAT FIT)

Zach Special - snow crab, shrimp & tempura fried, soy wrapped

Nigiri Sushi
1 piece per order / brown rice optional

*Albacore Tuna (EAT FIT)
Krab (EAT FIT)
*Escolar (EAT FIT)
Freshwater Eel
*Flying Fish Egg (tobiko)
*Lemon Fish (EAT FIT)
*Octopus (EAT FIT)
*Quail Egg
*Saba (mackerel) (EAT FIT)
*Salmon (EAT FIT)
Smoked Salmon (EAT FIT)
*Salmon Roe (ikura)
Shrimp (ebi) (EAT FIT)
*Smelt Roe (masago)

*Sweet Shrimp imported (ama-ebi) (EAT FIT)
*Tuna (EAT FIT)
Tamago (egg)
*Yellowtail (EAT FIT)
*Sushi Sampler (4 pieces/one roll)
*Sashimi Sampler (8 pieces) (EAT FIT)
*Sashimi Dinner (16 pieces, assorted) (EAT FIT)
*Nigiri Dinner (16 pcs, assorted)

Tsunami Specialties

Box Sushi - snow crab, avocado and rice served box style with the nigiri topping of your choice

*Luscious Lemonfish - lemon fish, thin slices of lemon & jalapeno with ponzu (EAT FIT)

*Smoked Salt Escolar - torched escolar, white truffle oil, smoke salt (EAT FIT)

*Sunflower - thin sashimi slices of seared tuna in spicy ponzu served with tobiko, masago, scallions, and quail egg

*Truffle Salmon - salmon, white truffle oil, smoked salt, scallions (EAT FIT)

*Tuna Tataki - Seared tuna over a bed of cucumber with krab, crispy onions and soy sesame dressing

*Yummy Yellowtail - yellowtail, jalapeno, cilantro, and ponzu (EAT FIT)

*YuZu Albacore Tuna - thin sashimi slices of albacore tuna in yuzo sauce served with fried onions and cilantro

*Cisotaki - thin slices of seared USDA choice tenderloin with ponzu, sriracha & ciso sauce

Small Plates from the Grill

Sea Bass
8 oz. miso marinated, eggplant fries

5 oz. grilled marinated thighs, southern style teriyaki, steamed rice

Baked Salmon
salmon, snow crab, topped with masago aioli and baked, tsunami sauce & scallion

Salmon  (EAT FIT)
5 oz. "blackened" skin on, brown rice

Lettuce Wrap
sliced beef, enoki mushrooms, scallions, side of lettuce leaves, bean sprouts, carrots, fresh mint, basil

Pork Tonkatsu
5 oz. crispy, panko crusted pork loin, fried egg

5 oz. sliced new york strip, togarashi frites

Thai Spaghetti
(pork meatballs, chicken or shrimp), shiitake mushrooms, red bell peppers, basil, red onions, bok choy, carrots, tomato

Yellowtail (EAT FIT)
5 oz. chimicurri, micro greens, yuzu tobiko, fuji apple salsa

Fried Rice (Laf & NOLA)
onions, carrots, red bell, edamame, basil, egg, mushrooms.
option to add Chicken / Shrimp

Noodles - ask your server for daily noodle dish

Greens - collards, kimchee, spicy chili
Hash - sweet potato, bok choy, asparagus, shiitake, red onion
Sprouts - fresh brussels, yuzu aioli, parmesan, asian sausage
Togarashi Frites - togarashi, furikake, butter
Vegetables - zucchini, yellow squash, bok choy, red onion, shiitake, miso butter

Ask server about Chef's original creations on Friday/Saturday evening.

Bento Boxes
Dine-in lunch only

Served with jasmine rice, sunomono salad, miso soup and your choice of entree' and a roll listed below (bento portions)

Entree Choice

Chicken Toriniku
Blackened Salmon
Grilled Shrimp
Tempura Shrimp
Pork Gyoza (steamed, pan fried or fried)

Sushi Roll Choice

California Roll
Dynamite Roll
Spicy Tuna or Yellowtail Roll
Japanese Vegetable Roll

All pricing subject to change with market fluctuation.

There is a 4% charge on all non-cash payments

*Denotes raw items.

... And save room for desserts!


Fruit Sherbert 5

Pancific Bread Pudding 7
(award winning) mango & Hawaiian bread topped with Polynesian praline glaze

Tsinful Chocolate Tsunami 8

Please contact us for our beer, wine and sake selections.

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