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Baton Rouge

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We have a great responsibility to provide a safe work and dining environment for ALL.


We are seating guest in our terrace dining space, weather permitting,  based on arrival times. You must check in with our host upon arrival to be added to the waitlist. These tables are not available for self seating. 

Social distance compliance

Sunday & Monday | CLOSED
Tuesday - Thursday | 11 AM - 10 PM
Friday & Saturday | 11 AM - 10 PM 


100 Lafayette St 6th Floor
Baton Rouge, LA 70801
Call Tsunami Baton Rouge at: (225) 346-5100

Dine in ONLY


from 3 to close


  • $5  House Martinis, Cosmos, Apple-tinis & Lemon Drops
  • $4  House Wines & Draft Beer, Hot Sakes
  • $3  Big Brew Domestic Bottles, Well Liquors


  • 25% off all rolls $9 and under

from 3 to 6

  • $ .99 Select Nigiri
  • 1/2 off Smoked Salt Escolar, Yuzu Albacore & Truffle Salmon

from 3 to 6


  • $5  House Martinis, Cosmos, Apple-tinis & Lemon Drops
  • $4  House Wines & Draft Beer, Hot Sakes
  • $3  Big Brew Domestic Bottles, Well Liquors


  • 25% off all rolls $9 and under
  • $ .99 Select Nigiri
  • 1/2 off Smoked Salt Escolar, Yuzu Albacore & Truffle Salmon

from 6 to 10

  • 25% off all bottles of Wine and Sake

from 3 to 6


  • $5  House Martinis, Cosmos, Apple-tinis & Lemon Drops
  • $4  House Wines & Draft Beer, Hot Sakes
  • $3  Big Brew Domestic Bottles, Well Liquors


  • 25% off all rolls $9 and under
  • $ .99 Select Nigiri
  • 1/2 off Smoked Salt Escolar, Yuzu Albacore & Truffle Salmon

from 6 to 10

  • 1/2 off Hunks
  • 1/2 off Hung - lo's

from 3 to 6


  • $5  House Martinis, Cosmos, Apple-tinis & Lemon Drops
  • $4  House Wines & Draft Beer, Hot Sakes
  • $3  Big Brew Domestic Bottles, Well Liquors


  • 25% off all rolls $9 and under
  • $ .99 Select Nigiri
  • 1/2 off Smoked Salt Escolar, Yuzu Albacore & Truffle Salmon

Specials may differ from location to location.

Dine in ONLY


20% gratuity will be added to all cocktail terrace tabs.



Miso Soup (GF)   $4
Tofu, mushrooms and seaweed in a soy broth

Edamame (GF)   $6
Boiled and salted soy beans
-can also choose option for "Spicy" $7

Eggplant Miso.    $10
tempura floured eggplant & shrimp, tossed in a sweet miso sauce

Gyoza Umami.    $8
pork dumplings topped with fresh cilantro, french fried onions and umami sauce

Ika Fries     $10
fried strips of calamari tenderloin served with a spicy mayo for dipping

Oysters Agemono.    MP
fresh oysters fried golden brown in our house blended cajsian corn meal served with wasabi tartar sauce *subject to availability

Shishito & Shrimp.    $10
tempura shrimp and fresh shishito peppers charred and tempura fried crispy with umami sauce for dipping



Seaweed Salad     $5
marinated with agar, chili pepper, and sesame dressing

Sunomono Salad (GF)    $5
Japanese marinated cucumber, wakame and carrot salad

Squid Salad.    $8
tossed with bamboo shoots, carrots, Japanese tree mushrooms, sesame seeds, and ginger chili dressing

Snow Crab Salad.    $9
snow crab, avocado, crunchy, and tsurai sauce

*Pimp Salad.    $14. (EAT FIT)
seared tuna, snow crab, krab stick, cucumber, tomato, asparagus, avocado, masago, and sesame soy ponzu dressing

*Thai Beef Salad.  $10 (EAT FIT)
thinly sliced seared beef with cherry tomato, cucumbers, cilantro, red onion, bean sprouts, carrots, and Vietnamese dressing


Sushi - Rolls
Brown rice optional

Add to tempura any roll.
Customers dining at the Sushi Bar are welcome to create a roll with the chef.


California - kani, avocado, masago.    $6 (EAT FIT)

Caterpillar - grilled eel, asparagus, cucumber, top w/ avocado & Tsunami sauce.    $10

Crunchy Roll - crunchy shrimp, avocado, rolled in crunchies with Tsunami sauce.    $7

*Dragon Roll - snow crab, avocado, topped w/ tuna & shrimp garnish.    $16

*Dynamite Roll - spicy marinated diced tuna, white fish, fresh salmon, avocado.    $7 (EAT FIT) (GF)

*Grand Isle Roll - tuna, yellowtail, & scallion.    $7 (GF)

Jazz Roll - boiled shrimp, snow crab, asparagus, in a soy wrap.    $10 (EAT FIT)

John Breaux Roll - spicy Louisiana crawfish, avocado.    $8 (EAT FIT) (GF)

Michael Doumit Roll - fried soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, masago, & Tsunami sauce.    $8

*Negihama Roll - yellowtail, cucumber, masago, & scallions.    $7 (EAT FIT) (GF)

Philadelphia Roll - smoked salmon, cream cheese, & avocado.    $7  (GF)

*Rainbow Roll - snow crab, avocado, topped w/ tuna, escolar, & salmon.    $12

Rock n Roll - shrimp, snow crab, masago, cucumber, avocado, soy wrapped & Tsunami sauce.    $12

*Roll Tide Roll - tuna, kani, & cucumber.    $8 (EAT FIT)

Shrimp Tempura Roll - tempura imported black tiger shrimp, masago, & Tsunami sauce.    $7

*Spicy Roll - choice of tuna, salmon, or white fish & spicy sauce.    $6 (EAT FIT) (GF)

Japanese Veggie - pickled dikon, yamagobo, kanpyo.    $7

Vegetable Roll - cucumber, asparagus, carrot, & avocado.    $6 (EAT FIT) (GF)


Nigiri Sushi
1 piece per order / brown rice optional

*Albacore Tuna (EAT FIT) (GF)
Krab (EAT FIT)
*Escolar (EAT FIT) (GF)
Freshwater Eel
*Flying Fish Egg (tobiko) (GF)
*Lemon Fish (EAT FIT) (GF)
*Octopus (EAT FIT) (GF)
*Quail Egg (GF)
*Saba (mackerel) (EAT FIT) (GF)
*Salmon (EAT FIT) (GF)
Smoked Salmon (EAT FIT) (GF)
*Salmon Roe (ikura) (GF)
Shrimp (ebi) (EAT FIT) (GF)
*Smelt Roe (masago) (GF)

Squid (GF)
*Sweet Shrimp (ama-ebi) (EAT FIT) (GF)
*Tuna (EAT FIT) (GF)
Tamago (egg) (GF)
*Yellowtail (EAT FIT) (GF)
*Sushi Sampler (4 pieces/one roll)  $14 (GF)
*Sashimi Sampler (8 pieces) (EAT FIT) (GF)  $18
*Sashimi Dinner (16 pieces, assorted) (EAT FIT) (GF)  $28
*Nigiri Dinner (16 pcs, assorted)  $40 (GF)

Tsunami Specialties


*Luscious Lemonfish - lemon fish, thin slices of lemon & jalapeno with ponzu.    $12 (EAT FIT)

*Smoked Salt Escolar - torched escolar, white truffle oil, smoke salt.    $12 (EAT FIT) (GF)

*Sunflower - thin sashimi slices of seared tuna in spicy ponzu served with tobiko, masago, scallions, and quail egg.  MP

*Truffle Salmon - salmon, white truffle oil, smoked salt, scallions.    $12 (EAT FIT) (GF)

*Tuna Tataki - Seared tuna over a bed of cucumber with krab, crispy onions and soy sesame dressing.    $15

*Yummy Yellowtail - yellowtail, jalapeno, cilantro, and ponzu.    $12 (EAT FIT)

*YuZu Albacore Tuna - thin sashimi slices of albacore tuna in yuzo sauce served with fried onions and cilantro.    $12


All pricing subject to change with market fluctuation.

There is a 4% charge on all non-cash payments.

*Denotes raw items.




From the Bar



(always check with server for updated selections)

asian import rotating selection mp
asahi super dry - japan, rice lager 6
hitachino white ale - japan, witbier 8
kirin ichiban - ca, pale lager 6
tokyo black - japan, porter 8
tsing tao - central qinqdao, lager 6
sapporo gold reserve - japan,
malt lager, 22 oz. 9

abita amber 6
abita purple haze 6
bud light 5
budweiser 5
coors light 5
coors non-alcoholic 5
michelob ultra 5
miller lite 5
corona extra 6
dos equis 6
heineken 6
stella artois 6
local rotating 6
lagunitas ipa 6
parish canebrake 6
sapporo 6
bon viv spiked seltzer 6


WHITE WINE                                                GL / BTL
house - chardonnay, pinot grigio, sauvignon blanc 8 / 40
takara - plum wine 8 / 40
cedar + salmon - oregon, pinot gris 13 / 50
sonoma cutrer - california, chardonnay 12 / 46
frank family - california, chardonnay 14 / 54
oyster bay - new zealand, sauvignon blanc 12 / 46
bieler père et fils - france, rosé 9 / 41
RED WINE                                           GL  / BTL
house - pinot noir, cabernet, merlot 8 / 40
ouragan - oregon, pinot noir 11 / 42
la crema - california, pinot noir 14 / 54
benziger - california, cabernet sauvignon 12 / 46
instrinsic - washington, cabernet sauvignon 14 / 54
frank family - california, cabernet sauvignon  / 95
caymus - california, cabernet sauvignon  / 150
BUBBLES                    GL / BTL
house sparkling 8 / 45
charles roux - rosé, sparkling 10 / 55
lamarca prosecco - 187ml, italy, sparkling  /12
veuve clicquot - 375ml, brut, champagne  /50
taittinger - brut, champagne  / 80

Signature Cocktails $12

fushimi - pear sake & vodka muddled w/fresh cucumber & lime, sweetened w/our housemade cucumber syrup
haiku - our fresh version of a classic tequila cocktail infused w/hibiscus & cucumber
chocolate martini - a creamy mixture of absolut vanilia & godiva liqueur
wasabi bloody mary - absolut vodka, soy, sriracha & wasabi
honey dew me martini - melon, bacardi limon & hint of ginger (award winner)
absolut hunk - absolut vanilia, pineapple & lime
kyushiki - domain canton ginger liqueur, buffalo trace, citrus & carmichael’s honey (think old fashion)
nakamoto - lychee infused gekkeikan sake, lychee vodka & lemon

NEW ITEM - moshi moshi - fresh strawberry & lime muddled into bacardi limon, splash of bon viv.

COSMO - vodka, Cointreau, simple syrup,  juice of lime and cranberry

"ma-RYE-a Carey Christmas"
sazerac rye, creme de cacao light/dark, simple syrup, half/half, mint



house sake hot/cold                                                                                                                             8

SAKE FLIGHT - your choice of 4 of any sake offered by the glass, 2 oz. pours                                  26

sake bomb - one shot of hot gekkeikan sake w/a pony pour of draft beer                                           8
funaguchi 200ml - un-pasteurized, rich & full bodied, clean finish                                                       17
japanese magnolia - a sushi bar classic cocktail, sake & plum wine                                                   9

JUNMAI SAKE - PURE RICE SAKE                                                                                                           gl    carafe    btl
draft sake 187ml - light, fresh & smooth taste                                                                                                                   9
pure dawn 300ml - fresh structure, notes of pear & fuji apple, finishes soft-sweet to dry                                                32
horin 300ml - fruity aroma w/over-ripe cantaloupe, honeysuckle w/a hint of pear                                                           35
pure dusk 300ml - delicate structure, w/hints of orange peel & cantaloupe, finishes dry                                                 38
taruzake 300ml - woodsy aroma reminiscent of the japanese cedar trees used to make casks                                      22
happy bride 500ml - mildly sweet, rich in amino acids, promotes a rosy complexion                                 14      42       56
autumnal elixir 500ml - flavors of persimmon, caramel, shiitake, mellow, tart & sweet                               15      45       62
shining prince 720ml - cedar, grass & citrus, crisp & refreshing                                                                  10      30       58
bride of the fox 720ml - green grapes, crisp, rich chocolate, creamy & velvety                                           11      34       68
the pink one, joto 720ml - floral aromas, peach and melon on palate                                                           9      28       54
black and gold 750ml - full-bodied, hints of honeydew, papaya, anise & roasted nuts                                                    40

tenth degree 720ml - crisp & bone dry, clear w/hints of juniper                                                                   11      34      68
heaven of tipsy delight 720ml - a rare find, aged in the bottle for two years, gentle yet strong                                      150
moonstone asian pear 720ml - infused with natural flavors, dry light sweet pear                                         9      18      36

shirakawago 250ml - mellow flavor & wealthy aroma                                                                                                     32
ozeki 375ml nigori - creamy, velvety smooth & tropical notes                                                                                        20
summer snow 500ml - lively, rich, creamy & natural flavor, mildly sweet, yet robust                                                      56
sayuri 720ml - light nose, fruit & veg aromas, refreshing acidity, full-bodied w/a short finish                      9       18      40

hana-awaka sparkling 250ml - fizzy, light, bubbly, w/a mild sweetness & acidity                                                           20
zipang sparkling 250ml - lively & bright, tropical fruits, medium-bodied w/a refreshingly light finish                              22


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