Beverage Director - Marshall Kemp
He could also be called the liquid chef. Among other things, he is the human in charge of making sure your chocolate martini is produced properly no matter which location you find yourself.

Tsunami News
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1/1/2015 Darrell Bourque's Favorite Eats
1/1/2015 Bites: Tsunami Offering Dorito Topped Sushi Roll
3/6/2015 Tsunami Opening Soon in Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel
3/8/2015 Baton Rouge Daily News - Tsunami Sushi Opening Soon in Cypress Bayou Casino
3/9/2015 Louisiana Meets Asia Runaway Dish
3/10/2015 Tsunami Sushi Opening Soon in Cypress Bayou Casino
3/27/2015 Can Lafayette Chefs Cook Up a Food Revolution?
4/5/2015 Tsunami Coming to Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel
7/30/2015 Tsunami Cypress Bayou opens - Daily Advertiser
7/31/2015 Cypress Bayou location ribbon cutting
8/16/2015 Chef Tracy NOLA Sushi Fest Best Unexpected Ingredient
9/4/2015 Chef Tracy Fete Rouge 1st Place
9/23/2015 Tsunami #4 New Orleans
9/29/2015 Tsunami Sushi to open in New Orleans - The Ind Buzz
3/15/2016 Tsunami Sushi opening soon in Cypress Bayou Casino
3/1/2017 Tsunami Sushi Open in New Orleans - Advocate
3/2/2017 Dorito Crusted Sushi Downtown New Orleans - Eater
4/25/2017 Tsunami Sushi opens Downtown New Orleans - DDD Nola
7/30/2017 Tsunami sushi in the CBD Gambit



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