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Tsunami News
4/10/2006 Make Your Own Sushi
7/26/2006 Tsunami Sisters' Lofty Living
10/1/2006 Fodor's New Orleans 2007 - Tsunami Feature
4/15/2007 Eat Lafayette - Tsunami
9/4/2007 Fodor's New Orleans 2008 - Tsunami Feature
4/22/2008 Style Lab for Men
5/28/2008 Inaugural Louisiana Seafood Cook-Off
5/29/2009 First Bite: Tsunami Sushi
6/22/2009 2009 Best of 225
3/23/2010 The Independent: Cool Town
5/18/2010 Insider's Guide to Baton Rouge - Tsunami Feature
1/28/2011 Locals Keep Breaking Dawn Protected
5/1/2011 Marc Broussard's Louisiana Eats
6/1/2011 Ragin' Asian
6/20/2011 Anthony Bourdain in Cajun Country
10/2/2011 The Missing Link: Donald Link Opens Second Cochon in Lafayette
10/18/2011Bon Appetit- The Capital of Cajun Country
3/21/2012 The Independent - Passing the Bar
6/4/2012 Explorer's Guide to Louisiana
7/13/2012 Eat Lafayette
9/30/2012 The Examiner - Best Way to Introduce Yourself to Sushi
12/14/2012Cooking Culinary Arts Best of Baton Rouge
3/1/2013 Bach Lunch Spring 2013
3/31/2013 Best of Baton Rouge
4/16/2013 Cooking Classes Return to Tsunami
6/4/2013 Feaux Cajun - Spicy Salmon Sushi
6/21/2013 Eat Lafayette 2013
7/1/2013 Fourth of July in Baton Rouge: What's happening and where to find it
9/5/2013 A Taste of Lafayette
1/4/2014 2nd Saturday ArtWalk - Jeffery Muccullogh at Lounge Gallery
2/5/2014 Downtown Lafayette: Then and Now
2/14/2014 The New York Times - 36 Hours in Baton Rouge
3/12/2014 Tsunami Makes Open Table's Top 100 in the US
5/14/2014 Grillin' with the Guru
6/2/2014 Eat Lafayette 2014
6/24/2014 Times Best of Acadiana
7/1/2014 FACE - Absolut Best Martini
7/8/2014 The Advertiser - Absolut Best Martini Contest Underway
8/14/2014 Inaugural New Orleans Sushi Fest Slated
8/24/2014 Fete Rouge
9/14/2014 Fodor's New Orleans 2015
9/18/2014 Atlanta Magazine - College Towns of the South
9/29/2014 Getaways for Grownups - Bite into Lafayette
10/21/2014Things to do, see in Baton Rouge for Rebel Travelers
10/22/2014Best Patio in Baton Rouge
11/3/2014 Dancing with the Stars Plans it's Showstopper
11/11/2014Local Restaurants on the National Scene
1/1/2015 Darrell Bourque's Favorite Eats
1/1/2015 Bites: Tsunami Offering Dorito Topped Sushi Roll
3/6/2015 Tsunami Opening Soon in Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel
3/8/2015 Baton Rouge Daily News - Tsunami Sushi Opening Soon in Cypress Bayou Casino
3/9/2015 Louisiana Meets Asia Runaway Dish
3/10/2015 Tsunami Sushi Opening Soon in Cypress Bayou Casino
3/27/2015 Can Lafayette Chefs Cook Up a Food Revolution?
4/5/2015 Tsunami Coming to Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel
7/30/2015 Tsunami Cypress Bayou opens - Daily Advertiser
7/31/2015 Cypress Bayou location ribbon cutting
8/16/2015 Chef Tracy NOLA Sushi Fest Best Unexpected Ingredient
9/4/2015 Chef Tracy Fete Rouge 1st Place
9/23/2015 Tsunami #4 New Orleans
9/29/2015 Tsunami Sushi to open in New Orleans - The Ind Buzz
3/15/2016 Tsunami Sushi opening soon in Cypress Bayou Casino
3/1/2017 Tsunami Sushi Open in New Orleans - Advocate
3/2/2017 Dorito Crusted Sushi Downtown New Orleans - Eater
4/25/2017 Tsunami Sushi opens Downtown New Orleans - DDD Nola
7/30/2017 Tsunami sushi in the CBD Gambit