Beverage Director - Marshall Kemp
He could also be called the liquid chef. Among other things, he is the human in charge of making sure your chocolate martini is produced properly no matter which location you find yourself.
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From raw to rich our menu consists of flavorful rolls and sashimi to grilled dishes with inspirations from around the world.

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There is something for everyone on our menu.  The hard core sushi "afishonado" can dive into adventure dining while the more main stream of eaters can choose from our salads or one of our grilled dishes and all can belly up to our Tsinful Tsunami Chocolate Lava cake and let the bigger spoon win.

Kids can always design a meal for their not yet fully advanced palate.  Edamame, bowl of jasmine rice, udon noodles, our version of chicken strips are some house favorites.
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Award winning Pancific Bread Pudding. 
You have no idea. 
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